"Forty percent of individuals with serious mental illnesses have been in jail or prison at some time in their lives."
- Treatment Advocacy Center


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Behavioral Health Services

Wexford Health is committed to the effective, efficient delivery of quality behavioral health services.  Over the past two decades, we have managed a wide range of behavioral health programs, at various acuity levels including outpatient, transitional care and step-down, crisis stabilization and management, and acute psychiatric inpatient care. 

Based upon our many years of hands-on experience, Wexford Health is sensitive to the unique challenges of providing behavioral health care in an institutional setting.  Our programs are responsive to these challenges and offer viable, proven solutions.  We focus on patient improvement and positive outcomes, while managing both the risk and the cost associated with providing behavioral health care. 

Wexford Health divides our behavioral health services into three main categories.

Mental Health Services

Wexford Health's mental health programs comply with all applicable industry standards.  We provide all patients with a mental health screening/assessment as part of our receiving process.  Patients with a positive mental health screening/assessment receive further evaluation by a licensed qualified mental health professional, along with appropriate care and treatment.

In addition, our mental health program includes the following vital components.

  • 24/7 crisis intervention and management program, provided through onsite and on-call coverage, to identify those inmates in need of critical mental health and psychiatry services
  • A suicide prevention program that identifies at-risk patients; minimizes the likelihood of suicide attempts and other critcal incidents; and trains staff to recognize warning signs and react quickly and effectively
  • Individual psychotherapy in the modality that best suits each patient’s needs;  Our psychotherapists are trained in methodologies including behavioral, cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectic therapies.
  • Group therapy programs, tailored to the specific needs of patients at crisis level, in segregation, at the transition/reintegration level, and for the general outpatient mental health setting
  • Pharmacotherapy, including a comprehensive program for the clinical and cost management of psychotropic medications

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Substance Abuse Services

Wexford Health provides a medically supervised detoxification program for inmates who are chemically dependent, intoxicated, or undergoing withdrawal upon entering a facility.

We also provide comprehensive substance abuse counseling services, including assessment and referral; individual and group counseling; therapeutic communities; and other treatment interventions.  Our substance abuse programs have been recognized for their efficient management and positive outcomes.

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Specialized Program Services

Wexford Health also provides program services for patients with more specialized needs.  These programs are comprehensive clinical protocols designed to alter undesirable behaviors.

We offer a comprehensive psychologically based sex offender treatment program that includes assessment, treatment, and discharge planning.  The key outcome goal of our program is to reduce sexually deviant attitudes and behaviors in patients convicted of a sexual assault offense, and to provide appropriate coping skills.

Our violent offender program helps inmates with a history of inappropriate responses improve their anger recognition and management skills.  We often implement this program in segregation units, tailoring our therapy to address the way each patient handles anger-induced situations.

Wexford Health also provides a Restoration to Competency (RTC) program aimed at defendants who, due to mental illness, do not understand what is happening to them and therefore cannot stand trial.  Our RTC program helps defendants regain their competency, so they can understand the court proceedings and participate in their own defense.

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