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Electronic Medical Records 

Wexford Health’s philosophy is to incorporate advanced technology into our delivery of health services.  This includes Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).  An EMR not only significantly improves the quantity and quality of information available to both providers and the client, but also increases the efficiency of staff resources.

We have significant experience with EMRs.  Wexford Health has worked with and evaluated many companies and solutions, including market-leading commercial packages; proprietary software; and small company/niche products.  We recently completed a successful EMR implementation for one of our clients throughout its State-operated correctional facilities, and are expanding the system to include the state’s privately operated institutions. 

After performing a strategic analysis of the EMR marketplace and its impact on correctional health care, we have actively chosen not to internally develop and maintain a proprietary EMR solution. Instead, we actively partner with a wide variety of third party EMR vendors to offer our clients the broadest selection of potential solutions.

By not promoting an internal solution, Wexford Health can explore the EMR marketplace in an unbiased fashion and recommend a product that provides the best operational fit and greatest value for each client’s unique situation — without being unduly influenced by our company’s financial gain.

An independent EMR (i.e., one that is not proprietary to a client’s correctional health care vendor) provides benefit to the client at the expiration of the health care contract, as it simplifies transition, ensures data integrity, and maintains continuity of patient care between the outgoing and incoming health care vendors.  In addition, since an incumbent vendor's proprietary EMR cannot be transferred over to the new vendor if the client wishes to change medical providers, Wexford Health's implementation of an independent EMR provides our clients with more choices and flexibility.