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Quality Management

In order to identify, assess, and resolve any issues that could impact our delivery of health care services, Wexford Health implements a comprehensive Quality Management Program (QMP) for each of our clients.  Through the QMP, we monitor and evaluate the quality of patient care, track and report on outcome measures, and ensure contract compliance.

Wexford Health’s QMP begins at contract transition by ensuring appropriate orientation for new employees, and continues throughout all phases and management levels of the contract.  We have developed and implemented a variety of innovative programs to ensure our clients receive the highest possible levels of service and efficiency.

  • A dedicated internal Quality Management and Corporate Compliance department made up of certified clinical auditors, licensed nurses, and other industry experts, that is responsible for all quality improvement/assurance, accreditation, and clinical training projects for Wexford Health and appropriate client staff members
  • A unique Preceptor-based orientation program, where hand-selected senior clinicians provide the benefit of their expertise, practical experience, and training to new employees
  • A Peer Review program that monitors clinicians’ practice patterns as compared to internal Wexford Health standards; identifies their strengths and weaknesses; and holds our providers accountable for the integrity and quality of patient care
  • Our innovative “Quality Scorecard” audit of key performance indicators, which reviews and measures our clinical, operational, and administrative efficiency, and provides a valid indicator of how effectively we are providing quality care at each of our contracted facilities
  • An Accreditation Process Manual containing guidelines, checklists, and timelines to guide the ACA or NCCHC re/accreditation process, or to simply function as a tool to identify opportunities for operational improvement