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Wexford Health maintains an extensive, comprehensive data warehouse to facilitate the reporting and analysis needs of our clients.  We obtain our data from multiple sources, including information collected at the site-level, through our centralized utilization management and claims processing functions, and from third-party vendor systems.

We use multiple resources to collect statistical data, analyze efficiency, and report on the utilization of health care services.  These include management information systems we have developed in-house, as well as off-the-shelf packages we have purchased and customized. 

  • WexCare, one of the industry's only fully automated claims, contracting, and utilization management systems, is the primary system Wexford Health uses to track data, generate required reports, and analyze the cost and utilization of health services.  Based on state-of-the-art commercial managed care software, WexCare is fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant, and completely customized to the unique needs of the corrections industry.

  • Through our customized, real-time Kronos® human resources information system, Wexford Health has the ability to compile more than 100 reports, based on all aspects of human resources administration and management.  We can adjust the scope of each report to include only as much data as needed on one employee or a group, and are also able to create custom reports to meet the reporting needs of specific clients.

  • Timely and accurate pharmacy reports are essential to monitor pharmaceutical utilization and to provide practitioners with critical data.  Because Wexford Health’s information systems can sort pharmacy data in many different ways and at many different levels (by patient, provider, facility, contract, etc.), our pharmacy reports are extensive and include customized client-specific charts and graphs.

  • To analyze spending and help our clients contain costs, Wexford Health uses a team of financial analysts to provide our contract operations management staff with comprehensive financial analysis reports that include regular reviews of key performance indicators (labor, offsite care costs, and other cost-drivers).