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Staffing Services

Wexford Health has developed and implemented some of the industry’s most successful recruitment, retention, and training programs.  All of the physicians, nurses, behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, and support staff we provide to deliver our health care programs are appropriately qualified and in good standing with applicable licensure and/or certification organizations.

When transitioning into a contract, we average 98% retention of existing employees and provide a smooth seamless transfer of staff from their current employment to Wexford Health’s, including establishing strong working relationships with any employee organizations involved with the contract.

Thanks to our dedicated internal staffing department and our innovative recruitment programs, Wexford Health is the industry leader in position fill rates throughout the country.  This allows us not only to maintain continuity and quality of patient care, but also to control labor costs by minimizing our use of expensive Agency personnel.

We recognize the unique challenges of recruiting staff to work inside secure facilities and have developed innovative strategic recruitment programs that specifically target physicians and nurses.  These recruitment techniques include obtaining Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designations from the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) wherever possible, to enable us to offer student loan forgiveness to eligible providers. We also employ a variety of internet technologies such as social media, email blasts, fax surveys, and search engine optimization to reach the widest possible pool of potential candidates.

Geographically, Wexford Health has had great success providing staffing in remote rural locations as well as highly competitive urban areas.  This experience has prepared us for the ongoing challenge of responding to staffing needs in not only more sparsely populated communities, but also more complex city-based facilities. 

Wexford Health is willing to go the extra mile — financially as well as operationally — to create and implement unique recruitment and retention programs that fit the specific needs of each of our contracted facilities.