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Wexford Health is one of the correctional health care industry’s original telehealth innovators.  Since 1998, we have used telehealth technology to provide our clients with substantial reductions in inmate transportation costs, as well as increased availability and quality of care.  Today, we are still an industry leader, having conducted more than 200,000 telehealth sessions over the past four years in the areas of emergency care, pre-admission review, behavioral and mental health services, dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, nephrology, and the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.  

Utilizing proven video and computer technology, telehealth enables face-to-face consultations between inmates and specialty providers without transporting the patient offsite.  In this way, Wexford Health can provide timely, long-distance medical and behavioral health services to patients who might otherwise have to wait and/or travel in order to receive necessary specialty care.  In addition, with geographic barriers removed, the same practitioner can provide quality service at multiple facilities, for competitive fees.

By bringing medical services to the patient rather than moving the patient to the location of an offsite specialist, our telehealth program not only increases access to care, but also reduces security risk.  Wexford Health estimates that each clinical encounter provided through telehealth rather than through an offsite visit to a community practitioner saves our clients in excess of $700 in transportation, security, and meal costs.