Risk Management

Wexford Health’s risk management program is designed to prevent and manage critical incidents.  We take an aggressive approach to identifying, quantifying, and avoiding situations that could expose our clients to liability.  Wexford Health proactively implements customized solutions and loss avoidance strategies to reduce or eliminate any practices that could lead to litigation.  This not only minimizes the incidence of grievances, complaints, and lawsuits, but also leads to improved care for our patients.

Working hand-in-hand with our Quality Management Team, Wexford Health’s Risk Management staff continuously reviews our programs, services, and patient outcomes, comparing them to predetermined standards of care to ensure that our health care delivery systems are functioning properly.  We analyze data from Quality Management Program activities and critical incident reviews to identify issues or trends that suggest opportunities for improvement.

While it is impossible to avoid all risk in a health care setting, Wexford Health designs and implements up-front solutions that reduce our clients’ potential for costly and damaging claims.

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