Management Team

Wexford Health has developed expertise in areas that enable us to make our vision and mission a reality.

A Team of Industry Leaders

Wexford Health’s leaders are industry experts, with years of experience managing both the clinical and financial aspects of correctional health care programs.

Our management team includes not only experienced corrections professionals, but also experts on finance, human resources, and clinical programs.  We pay close attention to balancing the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our team members, recruiting highly effective individuals from fields including hospital management, insurance, long-term care, academia, and of course, corrections.

Because our management team possesses such a wide range of practical experience, Wexford Health can ensure that all aspects of our clients’ health care programs are functioning at peak operational and cost-efficiency levels.

Daniel L. Conn, MBA, CCHP
President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Conn has more than two decades of comprehensive financial, operational, and administrative management experience, including extensive experience in correctional health services. Prior to joining Wexford Health in 2003, he worked across a broad spectrum of health care industries including managed care, skilled nursing, psychiatric services, dentistry, and home health. Mr. Conn possesses hands-on expertise in all aspects of leading a health care company, including operations, finance, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, risk management, and employee & client relations. He served as Wexford Health’s Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer prior to becoming President and Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Mr. Conn’s comprehensive portfolio of leadership and strategic planning skills, coupled with his proven operational and financial capabilities, make him an exceptional choice to lead Wexford Health Sources.

Elaine J. Gedman, MBA, CCHP
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

For more than 26 years, Ms. Gedman has been successfully managing people, projects, and processes. She has spent the majority of her career in health insurance and institutional health care, acquiring expertise in all facets of human resources, operations, strategic planning, payroll, risk management, and mergers & acquisitions. Her strong, diverse background also includes extensive experience in labor relations, arbitration, and the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. Ms. Gedman’s versatility, business acumen, and expertise in developing strategic business relationships, makes her the natural leader for Wexford Health’s Administrative Division, which encompasses human resources, risk management, administrative aspects of clinical services (e.g., utilization management, pharmacy and laboratory services, telehealth, etc.), quality management, provider contracting, and credentialing.

Darius Holmes, CCHP
Senior Vice President of Strategic Development

With almost three decades of experience in health care — 22 of them in correctional health services — Mr. Holmes is a driving force behind the acquisition and development of contracts.  As Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, he is responsible for growing the company’s core business, and identifying and analyzing new markets, partnerships, and acquisitions. Mr. Holmes has held multiple site-level, regional, and executive positions in operations and business development. This practical experience has enabled him to develop a broad range of expertise in a variety of subjects, including budget formulation, fiscal administration, contract negotiation, compliance, policy development, personnel management, and operations. Highly adaptable to new situations, Mr. Holmes is adept at developing strong and cohesive relationships with personnel, correctional and state officials, legislators, and clients. These skills make him invaluable to Wexford Health’s strategic planning and business development functions.

John M. Froehlich, CPA, CCHP 
Senior Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Froehlich possesses many years of financial management experience, including more than a decade in institutional health care.  A Certified Public Accountant, his background includes financial auditing, internal control design and implementation, and revenue cycle management for companies across the health care spectrum.  As Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for formulating Wexford Health’s long-term financial strategies; as well as for leading its financial accounting, reporting, and forecasting functions.  The company’s information technology and claims processing areas also fall under Mr. Froehlich.  Given his expertise in business plan development; mergers & acquisitions; fiscal strategy; and investment management; Mr. Froehlich’s financial insight is vital to Wexford Health’s continued growth.

Experienced management team

Our management team includes not only experienced corrections and health care professionals, but also experts on clinical programs,  human resources, and finance. These individuals — the backbone of our company and some of the strongest leaders in the corrections industry — ensure that Wexford Health remains responsive, adaptable, and ethical.

Staffing expertise

As we have proven over and over again, Wexford Health is willing to go the extra mile to recruit and retain qualified health care professionals to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Our culture fosters an empowered, engaged workforce that provides unparalleled customer service and delivers quality, cost-effective results.


From our data warehouse and telehealth programs to Electronic Medical Records and claims processing, Wexford Health is the industry leader in utilizing technology appropriately to support our clients’ programs.  We invest the necessary time, training, and other resources up front to make sure the technology pays off for our clients — financially and operationally — in the long run.

Cost control

Wexford Health does not sacrifice quality of service in order to save money. Our utilization management and other innovative programs cut costs without causing any negative impact on care or customer service.  As our mission statement says, we strive to provide innovative solutions that meet patients’ needs and exceed clients’ expectations.

We will be happy to meet with you to learn about your goals and discuss how we can help you achieve them.

Thank you for visiting our website and choosing to learn more about our company.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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