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Wexford Health provides comprehensive pharmacy and pharmaceutical consulting services, including the prescribing, dispensing, delivery, administration, management, and disposal of prescription and non-prescription medications. Our program supplies pharmaceuticals through a well-established, comprehensive mail-order process, with Wexford Health- employed pharmacy and/or nursing staff performing onsite support functions at contracted facilities.

Our pharmacy program increases operational efficiency and contains client drug costs through a variety of methods, including the products and services listed below.

  • Wexford Health works with a variety of pharmaceutical suppliers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), enabling us to make independent, strategically sound buying decisions and to negotiate the best prices for our clients.
  • Doctorate-level (PharmD) staff to manage our programs, providing our clients with the optimal blend of clinical, operational, and financial experience
  • Web-based/online medication ordering that saves time, increases efficiency and productivity, and allows nursing staff to raise the level of clinical service through the sharing of information
  • Formulary management, to improve the quality of the overall drug-use process and to optimize not only patients’ therapeutic outcomes, but also client pharmacy costs
  • Medication administration
  • Self-medication or “Keep-On-Person” programs
  • Drug utilization review (DUR) that ensures prescribed drugs are appropriate, medically necessary, and not likely to result in adverse medical results
  • Consultant pharmacist services to ensure pharmacy program quality and compliance, and to analyze the population’s needs with regard to medication types, medication administration, patterns of use, and drug effects
  • Pharmacy training, education, and quality management
  • Comprehensive review of non-formulary medications for medical necessity and clinical appropriateness that is done by a team of healthcare practitioners, including physicians, PharmDs, and nurses.
  • Comprehensive clinical and cost-savings initiatives aimed at reducing pharmacy spend while maintaining a superior level of patient care.

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